An Awesome Way to Start and End Your Day

Your child will love the fun and educational mornings and afternoons at Sacred Heart. When you’re a working family with school-age children, finding reliable before- and after-school care can be hard to come by. Sacred Heart has you covered.

The Sacred Heart School will be offering Before and After school care for children in the Preschool program through 6th grade at the ECC.

The Before school program operates from 6:45 am - 7:25 am, Monday through Friday. The cost is $12.00 per morning, per child.

To register for the Before School Program CLICK HERE

After-school care is available from dismissal (2:30 pm) until 6 pm.  Please pack a healthy snack if your child is attending the Aftercare program. The cost is $12 per child/ per hour.

Aftercare is available on early dismissal days. If attending on early dismissal days please pack your student a lunch. 

The After School Program is closed on school holidays and snow days. 

Registration is contingent on a minimum of 2 days per week, 2 hours per day. Schedules that are not recurring on a weekly basis need to be submitted prior to the 1st of every month. For staffing reasons, we are unable to accommodate a “drop-in” or “as needed” service. Your child must be enrolled in the program if you intend to use the service.  The exception would be in the case of an emergency.

All children must be pre-registered, there is a $10.00 per child or $20 per family registration fee and an emergency contact information sheet must be completed prior to your child attending. Registration fees are not refundable.on

Monthly assessments will be posted as an After School charge to your FACTS Tuition Account based upon the schedule you provide. Payments will be made as you would normally make your tuition payments at the beginning of the month. Late pick-up charges of $25 may be applicable. Any returned checks will be charged a $30 fee. 

To register for the After School Program CLICK HERE

For more information contact Alexis Manter: or call our office at 800-915-6518.