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Friday News from Sister Lydia (2-3-23)

Friday News from Sister Lydia (2-3-23)

Almighty God,

You sent forth your Son as a beacon of hope for all people.

As a Teacher, He has given us the prime example of the importance of education. As disciples, we look to him for inspiration and strength.

Thank you for the many people who have dedicated their lives in service to our Catholic Schools.

Thank you for the teachers and administrators who sustain our schools.

Thank you for the parents who have given support and witness to the importance of Catholic education.

Thank you for the students who work hard to further their education. Bless all our Catholic Schools and the many people who advance our mission.

May our schools be a home for those who seek to grow in openness, faith, love, intellect, and commitment to justice.

In your name, we pray.



Dear Sacred Heart Families,


It has been a busy and exciting week here at Sacred Heart. As we celebrated Catholic Schools Week, we were all reminded of how special our school community is. Students had lots of fun and special treats, but also we were able to reflect on the importance of service and compassion.  We all attended Mass, which was beautiful. The children enthusiastically prayed the Lord’s Prayer, participated in the responses, sang nicely, and were all well-behaved. I was very proud of them!



*Re-enrollment has started. An email was sent home earlier this week. If you are planning on attending Sacred Heart this coming school year, no action is needed. 

*Tuesday, February 7th we have a PA meeting at 7:00 pm via Google Meet

*Wednesday, February 8th is an early dismissal day. Students have a no-uniform day. We will have band rehearsal.

*Thursday, February 9th  at 3 pm, Open House for Pre-K and Kindergarten families here at the elementary school.


It has come to our attention that some students are using video games and online games which may not be appropriate for their ages and which are not educationally based. Of course, it is a parent’s prerogative to allow their child to use games intended for older children but please ask your child not to share them with their classmates in school.

I hope your children had a wonderful week. Stay warm and safe this weekend.

God Bless,

Sister Lydia

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